SAC1: Contractors Agreement

SAC1: Contractors Agreement

The contract below depicts the agreement between SAiCS ( A division of Evestige (Pty) Ltd) with reg no: 2017/88803/07 (Further referred to as the “company”) And “YOU” (Further referred to as the “contractor”):

1.      The Contractor has read, understands and signed Article SF1: Remuneration and sales.

2.      The Company has the right to withhold payment/order placement if point 1 is not adhered to.

3.      It is the Contractors responsibility to ensure all relevant documentation and information provided for payments/orders are correct and no liability will be placed on SAiCS (A division of Evestige (Pty)Ltd) for:

3.1  Incorrect banking details

3.2  Incorrect order/ delivery details (as stipulated in SF1 – 6)

3.3  Late payments (as stipulated in SF1 – 2)


4.      The Contractor undertakes as a representative of SAiCS and Evestige:

4.1  Not to divulge any information to the detriment of the company

4.2  Not to share personal information of any contractors/employees

4.3  Uphold the standards of an Evestige employee

4.4  Not to sell any other products that can be detrimental to the SAiCS range.


5.      Any failure in adhering to Section 4 may lead to immediate termination of contract.


6.      In the case of termination as shown in Section 5:

6.1  All orders owed to the Contractor will be completed in full.

6.2  All ongoing and future orders assigned to the contractor shall be terminated and no remuneration/orders shall be sent.

6.3  Legal action will be taken by Head Office in accordance with the nature of offense


7.      The contractor is free to terminate his/her contract whenever they choose.

7.1  All orders owed to contractor will be completed in full upon termination

7.2  Contractors will not be paid for any/all incomplete orders.


8.      All titled contractors (as stipulated in SF1 – Table SF1A) under your supervision are requested to follow the same process as article 6/7 unless they wish to continue in which case all information should be sent to the head office for re assignment.