SPO – Terms and Conditions of Placing and Sending Orders

SPO: Terms and conditions of placing and sending orders

The contract below depicts the terms and conditions of SAiCS (A division of Evestige (Pty) Ltd) with reg no: 2017/88803/07 (Further referred to as the “company”) and the involved individuals (Further referred to as the “contractor”)


The following is applicable to all contractors of SAiCS:


1.      All orders should be placed via email. The following should be attached in a single email to anita@saics.co.za for the order to be valid and processed:

i.        Completed order form

ii.       Proof of payment

No order sent via any other platform will be accepted.


2.      Contractors are responsible for organising their own couriers to collect any orders. The company is not responsible for any negligence of the couriers as it is the responsibility of the contractor to chose a courier company. The following are requirements for the courier company:

i.        Extra way-bills and bags are to be left for future orders.

ii.       A copy of the way-bills should be left behind after collection which SAiCS will scan and send to the distributor.


3.      Stock can be collected twice a week strictly on Tuesdays and Thursday unless in special circumstances which must be discussed with management at least 24 hours in advance.

i.        Tuesday collections: are all orders placed after 09:00 on Wednesday (from the previous week) to Monday before 09:00.

ii.       Thursday collections: are all orders placed on Monday after 09:00 to Wednesday before 09:00.


4.       All collections may take place between 14:00 and 17:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. All collections must be confirmed 24 hours in advance with Anita Coetzee via anita@saics.co.za or 082 553 1111.


5.       It is the contractors’ responsibility to keep track of their orders from the placement of the order until delivery to the customer. All contractors must ensure within 24 hours after the customer has received their order that there is no damage to stock. If any damage does occur it must be reported within 24 hours to anita@saics.co.za. Only the damaged stock will be replaced if it is not due to  the negligence of the contractor or customer. The courier fees are not included in the replacement of damaged stock.


6.       If customers collect directly from Lydia’s home the order must be placed at least 24 hours in advance. All contact details of the customer must be provided along with the details of the individual collecting the order. Once a date and time is agreed upon for collection the time must strictly be kept to for security reasons.


Thank you for your cooperation as we are minimising any unknown waiting periods of stock collection and delivery as well as any problems resulting from damages to stock. This will help increase our security and safety as well as providing more time to be spent on creating new products and promotions.